The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

If you are currently a smoker, chances are you have thought about alternative methods of smoking. More and more, people are finding that electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to regular smoking. These are a few of the benefits you would find by trying it for yourself!

  • You no longer have to worry about a smoke smell. Electronic cigarettes are virtually smell free! You can even choose from over 20 different flavors to make your experience even more pleasant.
  • Depending on how much you smoke, a cartridge will last you a lot longer than traditional cigarettes. Once you purchase your starter kits, you only have to choose from our delightful selection of flavors and customizable nicotine levels! You can anticipate spending close to half of what you do now monthly on cigarettes!
  • By using your electronic cartomizers, you are reducing waste and being eco-friendly. Considering that cigarettes are a big source of litter and waste, this product does not require any materials to be wasted.
  • Recent studies have looked into the health benefits of the electronic smoking method. Many agree it is less of a health risk because you are not inhaling smoke into your body, but vapor which can be less harmful.

With the look and feel of our electronic cigarettes, we guarantee your satisfaction with your product. Browse through some of our starter kits and see for yourself the new and exciting alternative to smoking! You can even customize your case and choose from various nicotine levels, even a nicotine free option! Discover the convenience of e cigarettes today!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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6mg eLiquid Now Available! New 30ml eLiquid Flavors!

6mg VapCigs eLiquid

10ml eLiquid Now Available in 6mg in ALL Your Favorite Flavors!

Tobacco & Menthol and More in 6mg!

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New Flavor and Strength Options in 30ml!

We’ve added a boatload of new flavors in our 30ml selection!
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VapCigs eHookah Liquid

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VapCigs New 280mAh Batteries & Summer Sales!

Receive $5 Off Your Entire Order of $35 or more!
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Receive $10 Off Your Entire Order of $60 or more!
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Offer Valid 9/3 – 9/21

Coffee Cartomizer

Tobacco 13mg, Menthol 11mg, Cherry 18mg, Chocolate 18mg and more back in stock! Visit to start shopping now!

280 mAh Batteries Now Available in Blue and Green!

Our VapCigs 280 mAh are just like the original ecigarette batteries you have known and loved, now with a longer battery life than our original 180 mAh batteries. Now available in White, Black, Blue, and Green! Buy Now



eHookah Liquid Sale

Buy one of our special eHookah blended flavors at $9.99 and get another one free! Just add any 2 eHookah flavors to cart to get the 2nd one discounted. Click here to check out our flavors.




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How To Clean Your VapCigs eCig Battery

From time to time, you may notice a decreased or lack of performance from your eCig battery due to build up in the connection thread blocking the flow of power from the battery to your tank or cartomizer. This build up is usually combination of dirt or dust from a pocket or purse, and possibly a bit of corrosion. With regular cleaning you can prevent this kind of build up.

Most these batteries pictured above are usually salvageable, with the one exception perhaps being the 2nd battery from the left.

Using these simple steps will help clean out your battery connection and allow your cartomizer or tank to make a proper connection and begin firing up once again!

1. Check for corrosion or dirt build up in the thread of your eCig battery.

2. Lightly moisten a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Take care not to soak or have a dripping wet swab, as too much liquid means the potential of liquid getting into your battery.

3. Gently swab out connection threads, being sure to remove any visible particles. Be as thorough as you can so as to remove as much corrosion and dirt as possible. Even removing a little bit will help, but we want your battery to operate at it’s best!

4. If you have severe build up you may need to use a safety pin to gently scrape out large particles. This may include gently poking the center airflow hole to clear out any buildup.

5. Allow your battery to air dry for at least a 2-3 minutes before reassembling with your favorite cartomizer or tank.

This should help in getting your battery back in working order.

Remember that prevention is always the best cure: proper care, regular maintenance and cleaning will help ensure a long life out of your VapCigs battery.

If you cleaned out the build up in your battery and are still experiencing issues, please feel free to contact us for further help.


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How to Pick the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

There are a plethora of options available on the market when it comes to vaping eCigarettes today. In fact, one may be left wondering where to even begin in choosing the best electronic cigarette brand. From big to small, cigarette shaped to colorful, there is an electronic cigarette for everyone. The key in navigating through all of the options is to narrow down a few key criteria that pertain to your own personal vaping needs. With a bit of attention to your own personal preferences, the choice for your perfect eCigarette can be crystal clear.

How to Pick the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

How You Want to Vape

When it comes to choosing the best electronic cigarette brand, there are a few basic options one must build from. The first is deciding the type of eCigarette you want to use. This can be achieved through determining how you want to vape. Identifying how you want to vape pertains to whether you want to do it portably in the form of an eCigarette model, or in the form of a personal vaporizer, eHookah or mod. The eHookah may be used with  a colorful clearomizer and delivers incredibly smooth and delicious vapor. Best of all, this versatile kit isn’t just for eHookah, it can also be used as an eCigarette with ANY of our high quality eLiquid refills. Mods are even different, with an alkaline battery and a more powerful capacity for vapor per puff. Once you have determined the way you want to vape (eCig, eHookah, Mod, or personal vaporizer) you may decide on what you want to vape.

What You Want to Vape

When vaping, the options for what you want to inhale are seemingly endless. It is best to first decide if you want to have something that tastes like tobacco, or something with a fun, pleasant flavor. There are a variety of flavors to choose from when it comes to vaping. Some people go for a traditional tobacco cigarette flavor, while others prefer menthol. Then, there are those who prefer the act of smoking, but hate the flavor of it and wish there was a cleaner alternative to the cigarette with pleasant flavors. For this type of person the best choice in what to vape would be a flavored eLiquid or cartomizer. From strawberry to chocolate there is a flavor to fit any taste palette.

VapCigs New eLiquid

 Now that you have been given the tools to choose what you want to vape and how, you should be well on your way toward picking the best electronic cigarette brand. Many eCigarette brands offer starter kits to make the transition into vaping a bit smoother. Why not make the switch today? Why are you still inhaling smoke?

What are you waiting for? Make the transition today. VapCigs are available online, and provide same-day free shipping.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Ever since electronic cigarettes came onto the scene people have been raving about their benefits and the fact that they have helped so many heavy smokers to quit. Now that the industry is booming and rivaling traditional big tobacco companies, controversy has broken out as to whether or not the electronic cigarette is safe. First of all we need to establish what benefits we are debating. Nicotine has health concerns you should definitely be mindful of, but are we saying there are cleaner alternatives to the traditional cigarette? Absolutely! The topic in question isn’t about nicotine, but how you’re getting it. When compared with the risks involved in smoking a traditional cigarette, we’re here to answer the question: are electronic cigarettes safe?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

Let’s start with some facts: smoking tobacco kills more Americans than did World War II. This is due to the harmful effects of the toxins and chemicals in the cigarettes, the inhalation of nicotine, and the tar and other pollutants that end up getting absorbed into the lungs through smoke. Smoking and even second hand smoke has been linked with cancer, obesity, heart disease and several other unattractive ailments. If one were to ask if smoking were safe we already know the answer. However when it comes to the safety of the electronic cigarette, the jury still seems to be out. Recent study claims focus on the effects of vaping pure nicotine on the body, in fact, doctors have praised their patients who became happy customers of electronic cigarettes, as they were able to make the transition from smoking heavily to simply vaping.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

Not only is vaping less harmful to your lungs and other organs, it is less harmful to your appearance. Smoking cigarettes can leave tar stains and other unsightly effects. Ash stained carpets and smoke stained walls, teeth and nails can affect the user emotionally beyond any health concerns. Everyone is familiar with the smell of smoke, which permeates into everything it touches. When a person chooses to vape they are choosing to respect others and themselves more, and this is a positive step toward a more balanced well-being. There are also less safety risks involved in vaping versus smoking, as an electronic cigarette will never burn holes in your clothing, upholstery or carpet; not to mention accidentally bumping into someone with a lit cigarette. We cannot be held responsible for the mistakes of a smoker, but we can safely say this has never been an issue for VapCig users. Successfully avoiding unnecessary bar fights for years. Falling asleep with an electronic cigarette will never start a fire and you will never have to worry about the wind or rain putting out your electronic cigarette. Vape on the go, while you’re camping or in any other outdoor activity. Only you can prevent forest fires.

When the evidence of the true effects of vaping versus smoking are laid out so plainly, it is easy to see that, it is far less dangerous to vape than it is to smoke. Feel like you want to lessen your nicotine intake? Taper down the potency of nicotine by regulating the amounts in an electronic cigarette until you are able to cut down or cut nicotine out completely. Miss stepping out for a smoke break? Don’t think you want to lose the social value? Vape juices come in nicotine-free levels so you can continue on even after you’ve kicked the habit.

What are you waiting for? Make the transition today. VapCigs are available online and provide same-day free shipping.

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VapCigs January 2014 New Year Sale

Wishing you a very Happy 2014 from all of us at!

To usher in the new year we are offering few specials to help!

Select a free 10ml eLiquid refill in any flavor or strength* with the purchase of an EVOD starter kit

Select a free 5 pack of cartomizers in any flavor or strength* with the purchase of a VC ToGo or VC Plus starter kit

*subject to available stock.

Our Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on eLiquid is still just as strong! Have you used your free liquid to try out a new flavor? I’m a big fan of the new Snack Bar, VC Cola, and Energy drink flavors.  ?Click here to learn more about our Buy 2 Get 1 sale.


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VapCigs Buy 2 Get 1 Sale!

VapCigs 2013 Holiday Sale


On ALL eLiquid of the same size:

Buy 2 eLiquids Get 1 Free (add 3 bottles to cart)
Buy 4 eLiquids Get 2 Free (add 6 bottles to cart)
Buy 6 eLiquids Get 3 Free (add 9 bottles to cart)
Buy 8 eLiquids Get 4 Free (add 12 bottles to cart)

Just add any variation of of 3, 6, 9, or 12   E-Liquids of the same size (1oml or 30ml) to your shopping cart and the amount will be deducted automatically during checkout! No Coupon Code Required! Why not take the opportunity to try some new flavors?

VapCigs Sale
Maximum of 12 total bottles (buy 8 get 4 free) per size per order. Purchasing quantity in both categories is allowed.  Quantities must be in the same size category to receive discount, no mixing and matching across 10ml and 30ml sizes. Purchasing quantities in between discount tiers will result in the lower discount applied (i.e. order 4 bottles- “buy 2 get 1″ discount is applied).

You can also get the same deal by adding any 3, 6, 9, or 12 of our New 30ml eLiquid bottles!


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New VapCigs eLiquid Flavors Are Here!

VapCigs eLiquid Flavors
That’s right, we have FIVE exciting new eLiquid flavors for you to try, at the high level of quality you’ve come to expect from VapCigs. Whenever we bring you new flavors, we personally taste test and find the best combinations that we love, so we know you’ll love them too.

Our latest five are no exception:

VapCigs Candybar eLiquidSnack Bar – Now you can have your very own eLiquid that tastes just like a Snickers! With distinct flavors and aroma of chocolate, caramel, and peanut, you can enjoy your favorite snack bar without wasting money and empty calories on the vending machine. You won’t believe your tastebuds!


VapCigs Bubblegum eLiquidBubblegum – By popular demand! No more bubblegum wrappers to litter your pockets or the street, vape bubblegum whenever you want! Best of all, our bubblegum won’t lose its flavor after the first chew. Tastes great alone, or mix it with our other flavors to customize your own personal bubblegum flavor experience.


VapCigs Energy Drink eLiquidEnergy Drink – Just like the real thing! If you love the taste of the popular Red Bull energy drink, but don’t wish to get all hyped up from all the caffeine and energy supplements, this is the flavor for you!


VapCigs Blackberry eLiquidBlackberry – Our new blackberry flavor is so delicious and sweet, you just might find yourself transported to your favorite breakfast joint, smothering a tasty blackberry jelly on a slice of fresh crisp toast. Yummy!


VC Cola – The crisp “Psst!” of the aluminum can, the sizzle that tickles your nose as you pour that delicious dark nectar over ice into your favorite glass, the refreshing bubbles on your back of your tongue. It’s hard not to relive all of those sensations while vaping our new VC Cola eLiquid flavor. Collectors can not included.


Try all of the latest flavors today at!

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How To Get a Quantity Discount On Cartomizers


One thing many of our fellow vapors have shared with us is that they like the fact they can save money on our online store by purchasing their VapCig Cartomizer refills in bulk. However, previously you were limited in that were unable to mix and match and the only options were:

Single Pack for $12.99
Five Pack for $49.99
Ten Pack for $94.99

For example, if you chose a ten pack, all of those refills had to be the same flavor and strength.

Now you can mix and match how you choose! Quantity discount will automatically be deducted during checkout! Best of all, you aren’t limited to 5 or 10 pieces. As long as you hit the minimum requirement for a price break, all cartomizers on your order will be discounted. Continue reading

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