VapCigs January 2014 New Year Sale

Wishing you a very Happy 2014 from all of us at!

To usher in the new year we are offering few specials to help!

Select a free 10ml eLiquid refill in any flavor or strength* with the purchase of an EVOD starter kit

Select a free 5 pack of cartomizers in any flavor or strength* with the purchase of a VC ToGo or VC Plus starter kit

*subject to available stock.

Our Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on eLiquid is still just as strong! Have you used your free liquid to try out a new flavor? I’m a big fan of the new Snack Bar, VC Cola, and Energy drink flavors.  ?Click here to learn more about our Buy 2 Get 1 sale.


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VapCigs 2013 Holiday Sale!

Free 30ml Bottle with VapCigs eHookahPurchase a rechargable ehookah starter kit and get your choice of any 30ml eLiquid free!

VapCigs 2013 Holiday Sale


From Friday November 1st through December 31st on ALL eLiquid:

Buy 2 eLiquids Get 1 Free (add 3 bottles to cart)
Buy 4 eLiquids Get 2 Free (add 6 bottles to cart)
Buy 6 eLiquids Get 3 Free (add 9 bottles to cart)
Buy 8 eLiquids Get 4 Free (add 12 bottles to cart)

Just add any variation of of 3, 6, 9, or 12  10ml E-Liquids of the same size to your shopping cart and the amount will be deducted automatically during checkout! No Coupon Code Required! Why not take the opportunity to try some new flavors?

VapCigs Sale
Maximum of 12 total bottles (buy 8 get 4 free) per size per order. Purchasing quantity in both categories is allowed.  Quantities must be in the same size category to receive discount, no mixing and matching across 10ml and 30ml sizes. Purchasing quantities in between discount tiers will result in the lower discount applied (i.e. order 4 bottles- “buy 2 get 1″ discount is applied).

You can also get the same deal by adding any 3, 6, 9, or 12 Hookah Liquids to your cart, or our New 30ml eLiquid bottles!

E-Hookah Liquid VapCigs30mlflv



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New VapCigs eLiquid Flavors Are Here!

VapCigs eLiquid Flavors
That’s right, we have FIVE exciting new eLiquid flavors for you to try, at the high level of quality you’ve come to expect from VapCigs. Whenever we bring you new flavors, we personally taste test and find the best combinations that we love, so we know you’ll love them too.

Our latest five are no exception:

VapCigs Candybar eLiquidSnack Bar – Now you can have your very own eLiquid that tastes just like a Snickers! With distinct flavors and aroma of chocolate, caramel, and peanut, you can enjoy your favorite snack bar without wasting money and empty calories on the vending machine. You won’t believe your tastebuds!


VapCigs Bubblegum eLiquidBubblegum – By popular demand! No more bubblegum wrappers to litter your pockets or the street, vape bubblegum whenever you want! Best of all, our bubblegum won’t lose its flavor after the first chew. Tastes great alone, or mix it with our other flavors to customize your own personal bubblegum flavor experience.


VapCigs Energy Drink eLiquidEnergy Drink – Just like the real thing! If you love the taste of the popular Red Bull energy drink, but don’t wish to get all hyped up from all the caffeine and energy supplements, this is the flavor for you!


VapCigs Blackberry eLiquidBlackberry – Our new blackberry flavor is so delicious and sweet, you just might find yourself transported to your favorite breakfast joint, smothering a tasty blackberry jelly on a slice of fresh crisp toast. Yummy!


VC Cola – The crisp “Psst!” of the aluminum can, the sizzle that tickles your nose as you pour that delicious dark nectar over ice into your favorite glass, the refreshing bubbles on your back of your tongue. It’s hard not to relive all of those sensations while vaping our new VC Cola eLiquid flavor. Collectors can not included.


Try all of the latest flavors today at!

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How To Get a Quantity Discount On Cartomizers


One thing many of our fellow vapors have shared with us is that they like the fact they can save money on our online store by purchasing their VapCig Cartomizer refills in bulk. However, previously you were limited in that were unable to mix and match and the only options were:

Single Pack for $12.99
Five Pack for $49.99
Ten Pack for $94.99

For example, if you chose a ten pack, all of those refills had to be the same flavor and strength.

Now you can mix and match how you choose! Quantity discount will automatically be deducted during checkout! Best of all, you aren’t limited to 5 or 10 pieces. As long as you hit the minimum requirement for a price break, all cartomizers on your order will be discounted. Continue reading

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E-Liquid Flavors Announcement!

Greetings Fellow Vapers,

At VapCigs we are constantly striving to improve our offering of high quality products and flavor options.

As we begin to add delicious new flavors to our line-up, we will be streamlining our nicotine strength levels among our flavors.

Tobacco and Menthol will continue to be available in “High”, “Medium”, “Low”, and “Zero” Nicotine. Meanwhile, we will be transitioning to offering “High”, “Lite”, and “Zero” in our other flavors. “Medium” strength in flavors other than Tobacco and Menthol will be available while supplies last.

Regular (Tobacco):
High = 27 mg
Medium = 18mg
Lite = 13mg
No = 0mg

High = 18 mg
Medium = 14mg
Lite = 11mg
No = 0mg

Other Flavors:
High = 18 mg
Lite = 11mg
No = 0mg

We’re excited to be launching new flavors, and we hope you are too! Be on the lookout for a follow up announcement revealing our first batch of new flavors!

VapCigs New Flavors

Be on the lookout for new VapCigs flavors!

Thank you for choosing us,

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Urgent! We Need Your Help! California E-Cigarette Usage Ban SB648!

California SB648 is scheduled for a hearing today at 1:30 PM. This bill is part of big tobacco’s grip on policy to demonize E-Cigarettes. Althought studies have been conducted in other countries such as New Zealand and Poland to show negligable second hand smoke risks, this bill would ban E-Cigarette use in workplaces including hospitals with fines of up to $500. E-Cigarette use would also be banned within 20 feet of any public building or vehicle owned by the state.

Furthermore, this bill declares E-Cigarettes as a ‘Hazard to the health of the general public.’ The bill even initially tried to go as far as to allow banning the use in private homes.

We would like to encourage our fellow Vapers to take action so that we may all enjoy the freedom and benefits that E-Cigarettes have allowed us. Below is a link to the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Asssociation’s article regarding this California Senate Bill and what you can do to share your story and voice your opposition to this bill, but you must act fast.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to meet on this topic today at 1:30 PST. PLEASE Call and Email and let lawmakers know your experience with electronic cigarettes, and that you do not find it acceptable for legislation to be enacted that limits your ability to enjoy this product. We believe that, while it may seem ‘reasonable’ to ban vaping and use of electronic cigarettes in the same places as traditional cigarettes, this is the first nail in the coffin in Big Tobacco’s ongoing war on the eCig market, and insatiable desire to protect their profits. 

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E-Hookah Is The Future of Social Vaping

I really enjoy smoking hookah. My friends and I used to go out to our favorite hookah lounge, pick out a flavor – either a new try or an old favorite, and maybe get a cappuccino to go along with it. We’d play cards (rummy was usually the standby), talk about life, and otherwise relax and enjoy ourselves.


If you aren’t familiar with hookah, it is essentially an ornate/decorated water pipe. Tobacco is packed into a ceramic bowl on top, generally heated with a hot coal resting on top of foil. When one inhales through the attached hose, air is drawn over the tobacco, directing air into a chamber about half full with water. The water helps to cool and soften the tobacco smoke before being inhaled through the hose.

In the old days, regular tobacco was thought to be purified when smoked through a hookah, nowadays most people smoke hookah tobacco that has been soaked in molasses or honey and infused with flavor. It is delightful experience to share with friends, and is a great centerpiece for conversation!

The Revolution in Social Vaping!

Generally, hookah lounges work by providing a place to gather, pick from a variety of flavor, and have their table serviced. You have to pay a minimum credit per person, whether or not you use it, often times starting at $10 and upward.

Smoking hookah at a lounge or at a social gathering could be hard on your friends who might be sensitive to smoke. Lounges usually have cigarette smokers as well as poor air ventilation, stinking up clothes and causing that all too familiar uncomfortable eye burn.

Non smokers can’t enjoy themselves, as they do not want to smoke tobacco.

Using your own hookah usually means having to buy an expensive set as well as the tobacco. You have to assemble it, fill the water tank, pack your tobacco, wrap foil and poke holes for air, and continuously heat and tend to coals. If you don’t use up all of the tobacco, you may end up having to waste it.

What if you could use VapCigs to vape your favorite flavors among friends, like a hookah?

  • A fraction of the cost of visiting a hookah lounge.
  • No need to purchase expensive glass hookahs for personal use.
  • No coals to change, no water to fill
  • No gauging/wasting of expensive tobacco
  • Non Smokers can enjoy Medium, Low, or No Nicotine flavored cartomizers and no Nicotine flavored eLiquid!
  • Your smoke sensitive friends can participate without nasty eye burn
  • 0mg Nicotine eLiquid is often much smoother than traditional hookah.
  • Best of all: No Clean Up!

Why not check out our flavors and pick up your favorites to have your own E-Hookah party?

Use one of our VC Togo or VC Plus starter kits with a pre-filled flavored cartomizer or mix your own flavor in one of our new E-hookah starter kits!

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VC Complete Gift Set

VapCigs  VC-Complete Gift Set

The Perfect Gift for novices and experts alike, this electronic cigarette starter kit comes complete with everything one might need including USB Charger, Wall Adapter, Car Adapter, and USB Extension Cable for those of you who don’t want your battery sticking out of the wall or computer catching you as you walk by!

Comes fully charged and ready to use right out of the package. No need to worry about carrying and assembling multiple pieces!

This unique package comes with everything you need to get started including 5 cartomizers, 2 batteries, 1 bottle of E-liquid, carry case, USB charger, USB accessories for charging in car or wall socket!

Each individual cartomizer carries about 300 puffs, approximately equaling a pack of cigarettes.

The VC-Complete INCLUDES:

  •  Free shipping
  •  Beautiful Gift Box
  •  2 Electronic cigarette batteries
  •  5 Cartomizers in your choice of flavor
  •  1 10ml bottle of E-liquid in your choice of flavor
  •  1 Carry Case in your choice of color
  •  1 USB Charger
  •  1 USB/Wall Adapter
  •  1 USB/Car Adapter
  •  1 USB Extension Cable
  •  30 Day money back guarantee
  •  One year warranty
  • 100% Compatible with VC ToGo!

VC Complete uses Cartomizers, the latest and greatest in our electronic cigarettes! Each cartomizer cartridge has its own atomizer built right in, so there is no need to ever worry about replacing an atomizer!

Cartomizers also carry twice as much vapor as traditional cartridges, making them extremely convenient, easy, and fun to use! Easily recharges with USB Charger!

Pick up the VC-Complete Electronic Cigarette Gift Set for some one who has always wanted to try electronic cigarettes or get one for yourself!

VC Complete also uses the same battery as VC-Plus and VC ToGo, which means all components are compatible!


Read what others are saying about VapCigs on our Blog!


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Contents of this newsletter include:

  • What’s New:
  • Latest Cartomizer Flavors
  • New Carry Case
  • VC Complete Gift Set
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for Updates!

Latest Cartomizer Flavors Raspberry and Mango!

We’re excited to introduce our two latest flavors to the mix, Raspberry and Mango. Pick up your favorite flavored cartomizers today in High, Medium, Low, Or No Strengths. Also available in E-Liquid in high strength.

New Carry Case

You were asking for it- by popular demand! The VapCigs Electronic Cigarette Carry Case!

Now carrying around your VapCigs and accessories is simple and discreet! You can pack away your VapCigs in your purse, messenger bag, backpack, suitcase, etc. without having to worry about items getting lost or crushed.

This strong durable electronic cigarette carry case zips shut and keeps your contents protected and organized!

 Pick from a Sleek Black, “Metallic” Blue, or “Fire Truck” Red!

VC Complete Gift Set

The Perfect Gift Set, VC Complete, is here just in time for Mother’s Day! If you’re still wracking your brain for a gift idea- look no further than this beautifully packaged gift set.

     The VC-Complete INCLUDES:

  •  Free shipping
  •  Beautiful Gift Box
  •  2 Electronic cigarette batteries
  •  5 Cartomizers in your choice of flavor
  •  1 10ml bottle of E-liquid in your choice of flavor
  •  1 Carry Case in your choice of color
  •  1 USB Charger
  •  1 USB/Wall Adapter
  •  1 USB/Car Adapter
  •  1 USB Extension Cable
  •  30 Day money back guarantee
  •  One year warranty
  • 100% Compatible with VC ToGo and VC Plus!

Mothers Day Special

May 6th-13th 2012 only- Order a VC Complete and we’ll include an extra bottle of juice, a $9.99 value, complementary!

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Be social and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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VapCigs Zippered Carry Case

You were asking for it- by popular demand! The VapCigs Electronic Cigarette Carry Case!

Now carrying around your VapCigs and accessories is simple and discreet! You can pack away your VapCigs in your purse, messenger bag, backpack, suitcase, etc. without having to worry about items getting lost or crushed.

This strong durable electronic cigarette carry case zips shut and keeps your contents protected and organized!


 Pick from a Sleek Black, “Metallic” Blue, or “Fire Truck” Red!

Pick up your Carry Case here!

Note: Always exercise caution when carrying E-liquid, while this case is strong, it is not unbreakable. Always use common sense.
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